PRESS RELEASE: Universal Title Deploys Humm to Improve Customer Experience

Universal Title Deploys Humm to Improve Customer Experience

Title company taps real-time feedback platform to scale customer service efforts amidst strong business growth

ANNANDALE, Va. — Jan. 22, 2016 — Humm, an on-premise real-time feedback platform, and Universal Title, today announced a partnership dedicated to improving the customer experience through the use of the Humm platform across 12 locations in Maryland and Virginia.

After experiencing tremendous growth, Universal Title turned to Humm to help scale.

Universal Title clients now have the ability to provide on-site feedback via Humm tablets pre-loaded with a 5-7 question experience that aims to measure customer satisfaction across areas such as the level of effective communication throughout the transaction, how skilled Universal Title’s attorneys are at solving difficult issues that arise, and the overall experience each client has in Universal Title’s office on the day of settlement. Results of each completed session are sent directly to Universal Title managers in real-time, allowing for immediate action and the ability to monitor levels of service over time, uncovering key challenge areas and opportunities for improvement.

“Our company is rooted in exceptional customer service, and Humm is helping us ensure our ability to scale that service level as our company continues to grow at a rapid pace,” said David Mason, CEO of Universal Title. “As an organization, we believe the purchase of a home is more than just a real estate transaction — it is a significant and special life event. Humm not only enhances our customer’s experience at settlement, but provides us with invaluable feedback to help us ensure 100% client satisfaction.”

The platform enables Universal Title to deliver a more personalized experience and provides in-depth reports that allows its team to better understand and respond to customer feedback, driving both immediate and long-term improvements. Just three weeks after switching to Humm from a standard consumer survey website, Universal Title has already seen a significant uptick in response rates and a much larger volume of feedback, allowing them to more accurately track trends and make data-driven decisions. Unlike the company’s previous approach that lacked quantifiable results, Humm has made a direct positive impact on Universal Title’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), a key customer satisfaction metric for the company, with several improvements already being implemented based on specific customer requests surfaced in the platform.

“Our work with Universal Title proves that collecting and acting on real-time customer feedback is making an impact across every industry,” said Bernard Briggs, CEO and co-founder of Humm. “Universal Title’s use of Humm technology is a testament to their customer service commitment, and we look forward to partnering with them to continue pioneering new innovations within the real estate market.”

Universal Title is the latest company to joins Humm’s growing list of clients aiming to better understand and improve the customer experience in real time, and marks Humm’s first real estate settlement and title insurance agency.

About Universal Title

Universal Title is a family-owned and operated settlement company and title agency, which has been conducting real estate settlements Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia for over forty years.  Universal Title is headquartered in Fairfax County, Virginia, and has a eleven other offices in the Mid-Atlantic from Fredericksburg, VA to Bel Air, MD.  Universal Title’s team consists of fifteen attorneys, who are always available to serve purchasers and sellers complete even the most complex and complicated real estate transactions.

About Humm

Every day, hundreds of companies rely on Humm to better understand and improve their guest experience in real time. Founded in 2012, Humm’s on-premise feedback platform helps healthcare and hospitality brands quickly collect and take action on guest feedback, all in real time. Humm is headquartered in Austin, TX and used by more than 300 healthcare and hospitality brands including Yale-New Haven Hospital, Marriott, and Disney, with more than 850,000 pieces of feedback collected every month. For more information, visit